Class of 1956

The FIRST Eighth Grade Graduates
with Frs. Kieran (far left) and Theophane (far right) O.F.M. Cap.

 Class of 1961

 Class of 1962

 Class of 1963

 Class of 1964

Class of 1966

 Class of 1967

The Good Ole School Days
Photos donated to SJT Alumni Society Website 
by Sister Phyllis Ann and Sister Michon on May 29, 2009







1961- Seventh Graders report to their homeroom as Sister Clement Ann, Principal, looks on.
(Photo obtained from Pacific Voice archives by Polly, Jan. 2010)
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Our Beloved Faculty


St. Jude Thaddeus School Faculty

Kneeling in front are: Ms. Judy O'Brien, Sisters Optata,  and Melissa (now Sr. Bernadette);  
Back row: Sisters Marcian Barcinas, Josara, Gabriel, Marda, Clement Ann (now Sr. Mildred), Sr. Sheila and Sr. Michon.  Upper level: Sisters Dominica Chen, Jeremy, Leclare and Angela

(Photo submitted by Martha Hara Cruz, 4/16/09)

The Girls' School Uniform
(White peter-pan blouses, navy-blue single-pleated skirts)

Modeled by Martha Perez Hara circa 1961
(Photo submitted by Martha 4/16/09)



In 1964, the school presented its first operetta-
 Mark Twain's
"Tom Sawyer"
(Photos submitted by Juan Torres, October 1, 2008)

Juan Torres, starred as Tom Sawyer, shown here with Suzette Taitano, who played Tom's girlfriend, Becky Thatcher.

L-R:  Ed (Pompie) Manglona as Huck Finn, John as Tom and Joe (Donie) Duenas as Joe Harper.

Tom (John T) gets a stern and well-deserved scoldin' from Aunt Polly played by Edith Calvo

Victoria Rios as Mary, Tom's cousin.  Tom’s sweet, almost saintly cousin. Mary holds a soft spot for Tom. Like Sid, she is well behaved, but unlike him, she acts out of genuine affection rather than malice.

The entire cast  was comprised of  talented ninth and tenth graders, including the school's favorite choral group, the Triple Trio.

 1966- Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

In 1966, the school presented "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," a three  act operetta, in the school auditorium.  Above, Aurora awakens the elves and fairies in the woodlands in Act II. 

Below, "Whistle While You Work"  is rendered by Snow White, Flora Baza, and the Seven Dwarfs - Jude Delgado, Anthony Siguenza, Vincent Valencia, Rufo San Nicholas,
 Honofre Oliva, Jesus Martinez and Benny Ogo.

(Photos obtained from the "Pacific Voice" archives by Polly, Jan. 2010)
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