Class of '62 Celebrates  Golden Jubilee!
July 15, 2012

Welcome, Saint Jude Thaddeus School Alumni.

Presented by Class of ’62 Alumna, Ms. Dolores Indalecio-Camacho

Today marks our 5th annual reunion. We are here to commemorate our patron, Saint Jude Thaddeus, in whose honor the foundation of our school was originally built by volunteers from the Sinajana parish. Most of them probably were parents of our alumni present in this room. It is fitting indeed that the old cafeteria be named Franciscan Hall and that the courtyard adjacent to Bldg. A be named St. Jude Thaddeus Courtyard. For this, we applaud the Agana Catholic Diocesan School Administration and the faculty of Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School. On August 13, 2010, they hosted a grand dedication to recognize our Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and to revive our alma mater St. Jude Thaddeus School. We must admit this recognition has been long overdue.

Between 1955 and 1971, teaching and learning volleyed between teachers and students and ricocheted against the walls of St. Jude School. Our parents supported our physical needs and sacrificed themselves to provide us with valuable Catholic education. Now we renew friendship that had faded throughout the years and celebrate camaraderie to its peak. Look at the person beside you. Is he a retired law enforcer, an educator, a clerical or office worker, an accountant, a doctor or nurse, a priest or deacon? Whatever career he held in his life, he is a living legacy to the priests, Franciscan Sisters, and lay teachers who taught at St. Jude Thaddeus School.


At each of the past five alumni reunion Eucharistic Celebrations, the class has stressed the importance of remembering the deceased alumni with an arranged somber procession of candles at the Entrance Antiphon! 

For the deceased SJT 8th Grade Graduating Class of '62
Let us pray

 Eternal God and Father,
we praise you that you have made people
to share life together
and to reflect your glory in the world.
We thank you now for our deceased SJT Alumni

Anthony Aflague, Jose Atoigue, Juan Atoigue, Raymond Borja, Maria V. Castro, Rufina Castro, Annie Duenas, Phyllis Flores, Teresita Gogue, David Lujan, Ralph Mafnas, Frances Manibusan, Maria Ninete, Mary Pablo, Franklin Paulino, Jose Rodirguez, Victor Samiliano, Enrique Santos, Cecilia Siguenza, Maria Taguacta, Annie Torre, Julia Toves, Luis Villagomez 

for all that we saw of Your goodness and love in his/her life
and for all that he/she means to each one of us.
As we too journey towards death
may we do so in the company of Jesus,
who came to share our life
that we might share the life of eternity.
To Him be glory with you and the Holy Spirit
for ever and ever.



 Sister Bernadette Prochaska's Guam Visit in March!  Know by most, as Sister Melissa...

The SJT Alumni of Guam are busy preparing a grand reception for Sister when she arrives for a short visit to our beloved island in mid-March.  Father Gus Gumataotao, OFM Cap. will celebrate Mass on Sunday, March 20th at 10:30 am at St. Jude Church, Sinajana, Guam.  The following is her brief summary of the trip to China next month, then a short stay in Guam in March:

The reason I am going to Guam is the visit to China. Viterbo University has a "sister" University in Luoyang, China.  In fact some Viterbo students are going there this spring. I have been a trustee at Viterbo for 16 years and will visit the University of Science and Technology which has ties with Viterbo in La Crosse.

Our FSPA sisters have been involved with China for a hundred years, with a mission in Wuhan.  Sister Leclare taught pediatrics in Wuhan in 2005.  I will give a workshop on Robert Frost-American Poet in Luoyang on March 10, 2011. You remember Sister Mary Gabriel was from Shanghai and Sister Marda was from Beijing. Sister Rosa and Sister Dominica were also on Guam.  They were from China.

One of our La Crosse sisters is buried in Shanghai, as she was in concentration camp during the war and died from smallpox.
Sister Rosalia Bauer is coming with me.

We are really excited about the trip.
Sister Bernadette



Please contact  Tony Gogue at the parish office at 671.472.4636, Marilyn Manibusan at 671.483.3044 or email her at  for more information.


 "Umatuna Si Yu'os" also known as the "Pacific Voice"
 Goes On-Line!!!

I just received news from Mr. Tony C. Diaz, the Chief of Commications for the Archdiocese of Agana's weekly periodical, the Pacific Voice  or Umatana Si Yu'os, that one can now access it on-line at or click on the photo below for an article by Tony:


SJT Alumni Offer and Attend Mass Honoring
 Sister Marda
December 27th, 2009

Father Gus Gumataotao celebrated Mass honoring Sister Marda Tsai at St. Juide Catholic Church in
Sinajana, Guam on Sunday, December 20th at 8 AM.  The photo includes some of the many alumni who attended.

Back Row: Peter Alvarez, Julie Lujan-Torres, Ange Alvarez-Forbes, Josephine Espinosa-Santos, Annie Delgado-Duenas, Polly Perez Quichocho and Jill Delgado Pangelinan.
  Front Row: Mary Santos-Torres, Sid Delgado-Weedin, Marilyn Manibusan, Terri Mendiola, Pat Taimanglo-Munoz, Rosalita Santos, Carlos Laguana and Tony Gogue.

 In memory of Sister Marda Tsai, a monetary contribution was presented on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 by Ms. Cecila Delgado, in behalf of the SJT Alumni to Father Patrick Talavera Castro, O.F. M. Cap., for the retired Franciscan priests residing at St. Fidelis Friary in Agana Heights, Guam.

Back row: Peter Jon Duenas, Pat Taimanglo-Munoz, Janet Delgado Pereira, Polly Perez-Quichocho and Jill Delgado-Pangelinan.
Front row:  Sid Delgado-Weedin, Dolores Castro-Franquez, Fr. Pat, Cecilia Delgado and Carlos Laguana

(Photo was taken in the Friary's Chapel by David Quichocho)


Adios, Sister Marda!

Sister Marda Tsai, FSPA, 93, died Wednesday, December 16, 2009, at Villa St. Joseph, La Crosse, Wisconsin.  She was in the sixty-eighth year of her religious profession.

Last week Sister Marda Tsai had some spells where she passed out completely and nurses could not arouse her for a few hours.  She also complained of shortness of breath and anxiousness.  Medication was increased.  She refused to eat the day before she died and said she was ready for the Lord.  On Tuesday evening her condition began to quickly change so Father Hirsch was called to anoint her.  Sister Marda died peacefully at 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

Born in the year of the dragon, Sister Marda comes from a long line of Catholics who boast of martyrs in their family.  She was born on June 11, 1916, the oldest of ten children of Paul and Mary(Wang) Tsai in Peking, China.  At baptism she received the name Anna.  She attended six years at St. Joseph School, three years of middle school and three years of normal school.  During her grade school years, she and her friends enjoyed dressing up like Sisters or priests.  Her favorite activities during high school were basketball, religious plays, and speech contests.  Being from a very religious family  and having several relatives  in religious life and the priesthood, her request to enter the convent met with no opposition.  She entered the aspirancy in Wuchang, where the FSPAs had a school and clinic on January 3, 1937 and came to St. Rose Convent in 1939.

Anna was received into the novitiate on August 12, 1940, and received the name Sister Marda.  She made first profession of vows on August 12, 1942, and final profession on August 9, 1948.

Entering the fields of education and art, Sister Marda taught in Wuchang, Hupeh, China for a year before being principal at the newly established school in Hwang Shih Kang, Hupeh, China.  She returned to the United States and taught art at St. Angela's Academy, Carroll, IA. (4 years).  From 1954-1986 Sister Marda taught junior high subjects, including art, at St. Jude's School, later called Bishop Baumgartner School at Sinajana, Guam.   She taught art on a grant from the Insular Arts Council, gave art lessons and taught oriental painting at the University of Guam as well as doing her own private art work.  For the next twelve years Sister Marda devoted herself to private art lessons and visiting the elderly.  She retired to St. Rose Convent in 1999 and to Villa St. Joseph in 2008.

Community members, family and friends will remember Sister Marda as a prayerful woman and a talented artist.  She was persistent, determined, loyal and very much in love with her God.  While on Guam she taught Tai Chi Chu'uan (physical exercise), Tai Chi Chien (exercise with sword dance) which she learned from her brother, Oriental painting, Calligraphy (Chinese and English) besides art.  One of her creative abilities was quilling.  Before moving to the Villa, she sought out Sister Carlene Unser and taught her the art so that it would not die out in the community when she herself died.  One of Sister Marda's proudest moments was in 1962 when she became a citizen of the United States.  In 1986Sister Marda was inducted into the Guam Educators' Hall of fame.

Sister Marda is survived by her Franciscan community, three sisters: Sister Martha Seton Tsai and Sister Mary Pauline Tsai, Sisters of Charity, St. Joseph, Ohio; and Cai Shu Fang, Bejing, PR China and nieces and nephews.  Her parents and six brothers and sisters preceded her in death.

Friends may call after 4 p.m. Sunday, December 20, at St. Rose Convent, La Crosse, WI.  A prayer service will be held at 6:30 p.m. in Mary of the Angels Chapel.  The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Monday, December 21, in the chapel.  Burial will be in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, La Crosse.

Memorials may be sent to Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 912 Market Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-4782.

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Submitted  June 3, 2009 by Florence Perez Pangelinan

What a wonderful time we had--it was one of the best things I did for myself in years!! The Sisters' devotion to making our stay comfortable, fun and engaging was heartwarming; the camaraderie, reminiscing and fellowship were memorable, and the visits to:
the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine nestled in the amazing buttes of La Crosse,
the FSPA cemetery, where Sisters Wilhelmine, Optata, Mary Richard (Sr. Jean Marie Euberg) and Dominica Chen  were interred.  {Sister Sheila was  laid to rest at her home town of Wexfor, IA.


The Villa, a skilled-care facility for FSPA who require more individualized care, is located amidst a pastoral setting in the town of St. Joseph, just a short drive from St. Rose Convent in La Crosse. Its four stories are designated for varying levels of services needed by the Sisters, with the 3rd floor dedicated to those with dementia-related illnesses. Sisters Marda and Rose Frances reside on the 4th floor, while the 1st and 2nd floors are for the Sisters who are recuperating from surgery, or with similar hospitalization needs.
Every floor has various tastefully-decorated, comfortable indoor porches where the Sisters can watch the seasonal changes in the warmth and comfort of the Villa.
The surrounding grounds include a garden plot where organic gardening of veggies and fruits is being cultivated; an outlook deck with a picnic table at the edge of the woods; and a hiking trail. A stone grotto graces the front side of the Villa, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is just across the street.
Sister Michon works as a volunteer at the Villa and resides in an apartment located on the grounds of the estate.
The tours to the Order's various properties and the River Front were enjoyable. Even the pastoral sites we passed were enhanced by the designation of one's family barn as the "Moo-tel"--how cute! Special THANK YOU's go to Sisters Mildred, Michon and Alice for the coordination and logistical efforts made toward ensuring that our visit would be fun-packed; to Sisters Michon, Phyllis Ann and Bernadette for chauffeuring us around; to all the FSPA (who served on Guam) for sharing your time and love with us; and to all the FSPA community for being so welcoming and friendly during our visit to the different facilities. What a treat--this trip is a Must-Go--don't wait too long before making your plans to see our beloved Sisters!

Si Yu'os Maase,

Submitted  May 29, 2009 by Maggie Tenorio

Waves of gratification are bestowed to our hosts--our beloved teachers, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration for the wonderful hospitality, love, blessings and company they so wholeheartedly gave to us during these past few days. Our hearts are swelling with joy and love!! We are very happy and grateful that we had this opportunity to spend time with you and Sisters Mary Gabriel, Joanne, Jean Michael, Josara and the other nuns who played important roles in our lives. 
We appreciated the Five Star Accommodations-- lodging, meals and transportation!! We especially extend our thanks to Sister Michon for being the gracious chauffeur that she is--picking Hope and me at the airport and waking up at O dark hundred to take us to the airport this morning.

Yesterday would not have been possible without the coordinated effort of our chauffeurs--Michon, Bernadette, and Phyllis. Our Shrine Trip was such a moving experience and lunch was delicious. Seeing Sister Marda and the others at the Villa filled our hearts with joy. 
We enjoyed the refreshments there, the buffet dinner at the Chinese restaurant, the River Front Park and the International Gardens.

Thank you Sister Mildred, Alice, Michon and all those who arranged our visit, short as it was but thoroughly enjoyed!!!! Not enough exclamation points on how happy we are!!! We all came away with this wonderful richness and spirit that continues today.
We would like to extend the hospitality and love by returning God's blessings with a delicious Chamorro meal at our next visit, which we all hope to make. Please forgive me should I omit a name I may have forgotten in my attempt to remember all those who bestowed their love and generous hearts.

My teachers and friends: This email was generated from an overwhelming need to wholeheartedly extend my sincerest thank you and Si Yu'os Maase to you all for such a wonderful experience. This is forever etched in my heart and soul.
We were blessed to, once again,  have been amongst our teachers and the nurses that cared for us.

Love and Prayers to all

Submitted June 2, 2009 by Hope Alvarez Cristobal

Polly, Maggie and Florence, I had a most memorable visit-experience in LaCrosse, WI just this past week all because you were there, too!

Si Yu'os ma'ase' todus hamyo. Mampos didok i minahalang-hu nu i tiempo-ta giya St. Jude espesiatmente sa' todu i etmana ni' ali'e'-ta giya LaCrosse klaklaru ha' i memorias-niha ni' tiempon-niha giya Sinajana. Gi magahit, na taihinekok i grasia yan minaolek Yu'os nu hita! Ginen i fondon i korason-hu, dangkulo na si Yu'os ma'ase'. Sen mas, si Hope Alvarez Cristobal (Grade 7-1960, 8th-1961; 9th-1962; 10th-1963)

(English Translation by Polly): 
Thank you all.  My heart yearns for the time we spent at St. Jude, especially for the nuns we visited at La Crosse.  I was amazed at how much the nuns could still recall their time in Sinajana.  It is all so evident that there is no end to God's love and blessings upon us.  And so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.



Submitted June 13, 2009 by Polly
I often reminisced about our teachers of our beloved St. Jude School, and wondered how they were each doing these  forty odd years.  I was joyful, yet anxious about the thought of seeing them, once again, when Florence suggested this trip earlier this year.  Although the drive from San Antonio, TX to La Crosse, WI was a three day adventure, I arrived at the convent (minutes before the nuns' bedtime... 9 PM).  Awaiting me was the very warm and happy reception from SJT Alumnae, Florence, Magdalena and Hope, along with Sisters Michon, Alice, Phyllis Ann, Le Clare, Gabriel, Bernadette (AKA SR. Melissa) and our dear Principal, Sister Mildred (AKA Sr. Clement Ann)!  Sister Clement Ann (sorry, Sr. Mildred... just can't get used to that name),  asked me whether or not I was still afraid of her (referring to my comment on the Cool Spot page of the website).  I admitted that I was too happy to see her to even recall any fear I once had for her!!!
                                               Standing:  Sisters LeClare, Bernadette (formerly, Sr. Melissa),  Alice, Michon, Phyllis Ann and Florence. 
                                                          Sitting: Hope, Maggie, Polly and Sister Mildred (formerly, Sr. Clement Ann)

So there I was, and I never dreamed that I would ever have the opportunity to visit them where they live, work and pray!  Maggie, Florence, Hope and I were  SJT ambassadors,  bringing them the love, respect, and gratitude from all SJT alumni and Sinajana residents, whose lives the nuns impacted in one way or another. 

We spent two nights and three days with these blessed women - in their home!  They gave us a grand tour of their lovely home, the opulent chapels, scenic grounds of the Villa and a somber visit to the FSPA Cemetery - aptly named, The Gate of Heaven Cemetery!  Our visit occurred on the Order's Founder's Day, May 28 1849,  celebrating their 160th anniversary!   They boasted to everyone, along the tour, of their students (from forty years past), who came to visit them from Guam.  It was so very evident to me that they sincerely loved and missed Sinajana and their (teaching) mission there.  At the convent's historical and archive room, is a huge section dedicated to their mission on Guam... of St. Jude School and the Catholic Medical Center.  Each of us, St. Jude School alumni, are better individuals for having been under the care, guidance and love of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of La Crosse, Wisconsin!!!  We humbly invoke their prayers for continued love and respect for one another, and, especially, prayers for the souls of our very dear teachers, classmates and friends.

God Bless the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of La Crosse, WI!!!
Un dangkulu na si Yu'os Maase,

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Mary of the Angels Chapel, St. Rose Convent

Special Photos of the Visiting SJT Alumnae


We enjoyed hearing the beautiful voices of the nuns as they sang at Mass.  I'd like to share a sample with you here. Please pause the music on your computer  using the controls at the end of this page, and click on the YouTube link.<


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