St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic School

of Sinajana, Guam


The Most Reverend Apollinaris William Baumgartner, O.F.M. Cap. was the first American Vicar Apostolic assigned to Guam in 1945.
He replaced the Chamorro speaking Spanish Bishop Miguel Angel de Olano y Ortega, O.F.M. Cap. after WWII.  Bishop Baumgartner was responsible for naming the first saguali church in Sinajana, Saint Jude Thaddaeus Church in 1945.  He is credited for rebuilding all the island’s churches that were destroyed in the bombardment.   


In 1954, the Bishop invited the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of LaCrosse, Wisconsin to Guam to open a school in Sinajana, and the Catholic Medical Center in Agana.  

As part of his rehabilitation program, St. Jude School was built under the guidance of
Sinajana pastor, Fr. Raymond Demers, O.F.M. Cap. 

Over 500 men and women  from the village provided happy labor services to help build the school. And by 1955, Srs. Optata, Genedine, Rosa, Marda, Maxine, Angela Marie and Wilhelmine arrived on the island, and the school officially opened its doors with 107 seventh and eighth grade students.  Sr. Wilhelmine was the first school principal, assisted by the others as faculty.  The cafeteria  was under the loving and skillful hands of two very dedicated women – Tan Maria Quitugua Flores (Ali’ak) and Tan Maria Lolie Borja Anderson Guerrero (Charot).


Staffed by our, then, pastor,  Fr. Kieran Hickey O.F.M. Cap., and assistant pastor,  the late Fr. Antoinine Zimmerman O.F.M. Cap., the school had an enrollment of 410 in the 60s.  
The school had eight Franciscan Sisters and one lay teacher, Mrs. Liz Kaleikoa.  Sr. Wilhelmine, Principal, Sr. Sheila,
Superior, Srs. Optata, Vita, Clarella, Marda, Mary Richard, Mary Gabriel, and Jeremy taught, while Sr. Stanella did domestic work at the convent.  Sr. Clement Ann replaced Sr. Wilhelmine as Principal in 1963.  Srs. Rosa, Maxine and Edwina had returned to the mainland due to health reasons.  


In 1971, St. Jude School merged with the Agana Cathedral Grade School to become a diocesan school; consequently, Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores renamed it  Bishop Baumgartner Middle School in honor of its founder.  The administration of the school was transferred to the Sisters of Mercy in 1986, and the Franciscan Sisters returned to other missions in the mainland.

Standing L-R: Sr. M. Richard, Sr. M. Jeremy, Mrs. Kaleikoa, Sr. M. Optata and Father Kieran.
Seated L-R: Father Antoinine, Sr. Marda, Sr. Vita, Sr. Sheila, Sr. M. Gabriel and Sr. Wilhelmine.

      St. Jude School Faculty from 1955 to 1962


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 SJT Faculty and Catholic Medical Center Nurses
(Provided by Sister Alice McMullin on Oct. 5, 2009)

Aguon, Gloria
Banewski, Edwina
Barcinas, Mary Savio
Beres. LeClare
Bielefeld, Josara
Borja, Annamae
Bos, Marita
Brenner, Wilhelmine
Burger, Mildred (Vita)
Castro, Carmen (Sr. Mary Raymond)
Desmond, Michon
Duenas, Angelina
Eulberg, Jean Marie (Sr. M. Richard)
Fran, Maxine
Fries, Optata
Gautsch, Mary Ann (Sr. M. Jeremy)
Gavi, Sheila
Hackman, Phyllis Ann
Hoch, Elizabeth
Hughes, Gladys
Instenes, Paulynn
Keating, Jeanne
Lewens, Agnes Therese
Lieffring, Helen
Liu, Rosa
McMullin, Alice
Phalin, Rose Frances
Prochaska, Bernadette (Sr. Melissa)
Soong, Mary Gabriel
Termes, Mary Matthew
Tigges, Mildred (Sr. Clement Ann)

Treba, Jean Michael
Tsai, Marda
Weisenbeck, Joan
Wiedmeyer, Angela Marie
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