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 Favorite Memories of ST. Jude School & Cool Spot
(in their own words...)



I'll always remember the Kool Spot of the 1960's.  Tan Juanit and Tun Pepito De Oro, whose home was at the back of the store, sold all the yummies that kids loved--Coke, snow cone, rukyu, daigu, sour pickles, and lots of candy.  It was our "bus stop" for riding the bus to school, as it was our rendezvous for starting a "walk home" with one of the guys at St. Jude (to our home just 3 minutes away).  I remember the blue-colored exterior with a large tree overshadowing the St. Jude side of the property; the wooden floors and high countertop; the smell of newly-applied termite exterminator (creosote?); the place where you could hang out for a little while before heading home.  The San Nicolas', Nautas', Cruz' Rodriguez', and Leon Guerrero's homes lined up across the street from Kool Spot, while the Mendiolas' (familian Gutus) were behind it.  Nothing escaped the watchful eyes of Tan Juanit--they kept vigilance over your welfare while you were there, as well as your parents knowing about any misdemeanor (you got into) before you could snap your fingers.  God Bless the De Oros for being part of our teenage memories! 
(Florence P.) 



Polly, kudos to you for all your efforts in keeping this website going and enabling all our alumni to connect us all. I'll forever cherish the fond memories of SJT school: hard labor of our Dads who gave their all to build the school; our Moms who cooked and fed the workers, and yes, us young folks back then who picked up rocks, trash, etc. on the school grounds and detention for gum chewing, etc. which ended in restroom detail. Hey, at the end of the day, we all turned out a-ok!! SJT and the wonderful Sisters of Franciscan Order (esp. Sisters Marda, Rosa, Optata, Jeremy, Wilhemine, Clement Ann, Gabriel, Ms. Kaleikoa as well) who, profoundly, etched and molded our character and citizenry and they will forever remain in our hearts--I know in mine, they always will.
(Edith F.)


 I was so happy when told about this website three months ago.  Seeing the pictures of all my classmates made me homesick. I recognized       Julia and Juan Torres. I visited the island last month for the first time in 43 years!  (Sus (Kobe) C.)

Received Honorable Mention Latin Essay; stuffing Kleenex into our bras; rolling our skirts up to make it shorter, then rolling them down again when Sister comes around with her yardstick to make sure they are below the knees; helping a classmate write out their punishment – 500 times!  (Rosalyn Marie W.)                               


Cool Spot” wasn’t my first choice to hang out because I was kind of intimidated by the guys. Never knew what they might end up saying which could have embarrassed me. Tan Rosario, Oba’s or Tun Jesus is where I would end up buying “babarias”such as daigo', rakkio' or pickled papayas. Selling “potu” for Tan Sepha was my means of having spending money. Would you believe, I still have my pen pal from La Crosse after 48 years? This was introduced to me by the Franciscan nuns at SJT. Sandy & I still correspond & exchange   Christmas gifts. I visited her once in 1974 in La Crosse. (Martha H.)


I remember never going to Cool Spot, because I never had any money, and besides, my mother wanted me and my sister, Kiddie (Catherine), to go straight home after school.  (We weren't allowed to be dudus!)  I remember hating those monotonous penmanship exercises imposed on us by the unrelenting, but beloved, Sister Rosa!  Oh, and I remember being afraid of our school principals, Sr.   Wilhelmine and Sr. Clement Ann! Weren't you? (Polly)



I was one of the Nationwide Latin Exam recipients of honorable mention.  I remember our eighth grade graduation ceremony.  Most of all, I remember writing "JMJ" for "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" on the upper left corner of all assignments, and the many close friendships I had with all my classmates.  (Josephine


Operetta – playing Tom Sawyer; releasing toads in Sr. Mary Gabriel’s classroom!  And of course, I was the school's favorite "painter." (see my article in the PROFILES page)
(John T. )


I beat Julie (Judge) Lujan at tether ball!!!  Sister Jeremy giving me an assignment to memorize Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, and  The Cremation of Sam Magee  in our English/Literature class!   I suppose it has helped me poetically.  (Angella A.)



I remember going to DETENTION, almost daily, for "being a prankster! (Albert B.) 



fondly remember going to Cool Spot daily, after school (of course), and being a proud member of Triple Trio (the school's favorite choral group).  (Lourdes A. )


I was in Latin I and II with Sister Optata.  I never had to paint the school like John Torres, however I had to clean the convent chapel as punishment for chewing gum in class!
(Lillian L.)



I remember participating in the stage play, Tom Sawyer, and just hanging out with classmates."  (Maria C.)



I always look back at the marvelous Christmas pageants, AND going on retreats!
 (Norma M. )

I treasure the memories of gathering with friends at Cool Spot everyday and just hang around to play the jukebox, drink Coke, eat pickles and daigu, AND flirt with the boys.  Oh ,and the strict discipline of the school's dress code (skirt lengths below the knee!!! yuk!)  (Terrie M.)

I've been recently reminded by "friends" that I was a trouble maker, and being the ring-leader bully helping friends win tether ball competitions; or going to Tan Rosario for soup and empanada, or getting daigu at Tun Sus' Store on the way home from school! Yummy, yummy!  (Mary S. )



Singing with classmates during music with Sr. Rosa; playing baseball, playing tether ball, writing slang books with Terry Gogue during recess and lunch.  (Pat T. )



I remember folding my skirt and taping it to make it short, after school! (Cecilia T.)


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