Mission Statement

As members of the St. Jude Thaddeus School Alumni Society of Guam, we will rejuvenate and  fortify the camaraderie of fellow classmates in conformance with the morals and values instilled by our beloved parents,  teachers, clergy and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adorationto demonstrate love, support and compassion for one another as we face difficult challenges affecting us spiritually and physically through prayer and encouragement:  to impart to our friends and families and our respective communities, the enduring gift of our Catholic upbringing and our Chamorro culture and heritage. And, most of all, to memorialize the nurturing and the  education that we received at our beloved St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic School from the blessed and devoted Franciscan Sisters and Franciscan/Capuchin Priests! 




Class of ' 62  Officers and their spouses
Standing L-R:  Frank and Dolores Indalecio Camacho, Patricia Taimanglo Munoz and Joaquin Munoz, Josephine Espinosa Santos and Frank Santos, Pauline Perez Quichocho and David Quichocho
Seated L-R: Dolores Gogue Sablan, Juan Torres, Rosalyn Marie White and Jesse Navarro


Class of '62  2008-2009 Officers

President:    Juan Torres 619.504-2748
Vice President:  Dolores Indalecio Camacho 671.472-1035
Alternate VP: Josephine Espinosa Santos 671.472-1012
Treasurer: Dolores Gogue Sablan 671.477-8764
Secretary:  Rosalyn Marie White 671.734-2789
1st Sgt. at Arms:  Pat Taimanglo Munoz 671.477-0853
2nd Sgt. at Arms:  Jesse Navarro 671.477-9065
Website Administrator:  Pauline (Polly) Perez Quichocho;


Article from the Pacific Voice  on
January 17, 2010




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Goal for 2012
If you would like to see a permanent fixture memorializing the dedicated service of  the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration to St. Jude Thaddeus School affixed to the only existing original SJT school building, please join us  in making this a reality by 2012!   We welcome any ideas, suggestions, and plans from everyone.  Please contact any of the officers listed above, or email me.  Si Yu'os Ma ase!

Here are the names of the Sisters - SJT Faculty and Nurses at the Catholic Medical Center in Guam
(Provided by Sister Alice McMullin on Oct. 5, 2009)

Aguon, Gloria
Barcinas, Mary Savio
Borja, Annamae
Bos, Marita
Brenner, Wilhelmine
Burger, Mildred (Sr. M. Vita)
Castro, Carmen (Mary Raymond)
Desmond, Michon
Duenas, Angelina
Eulberg, Jean Marie (M. Richard)
Fran, Maxine
Fries, Optata
Gautsch, Mary Ann (Sr. M. Jeremy)
Gavi, Sheila
Hackman, Phyllis Ann
Hoch, Elizabeth
Hughes, Gladys
Instenes, Paulynn
Keating, Jeanne (Sr. M. Richard)
Lewens, Agnes Therese
Lieffring, Helen
Liu, Rosa
McMullin, Alice
Phalin, Rose Frances
Prochaska, Bernadette (Sr. Melissa)
Soong, Mary Gabriel
Temes, Mary Matthew
Tigges, Mildred (Sr. Clement Ann)
Treba, Jean Michael
Tsai, Marda
Weisenbeck, Joan

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